Effective July 1, 2018, you must be a member of the FOP to rent our facility. An FOP Member may sponsor a rental for a non-member, however, the non-member rate will apply.   

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Rental Info


Our Facility

Our facility can be rented as one large room or divided into two smaller rooms. The north half will seat approximately 100 people comfortably. This hall contains a small bar and a dance floor. The south half is slightly smaller and will seat approximately 80 people comfortably. This hall does not contain a dance floor, but has a large bar. Both halls have a 32” flat screen tv above the bar and both have a 106” high definition projection tv with cable, blu-ray player, and stereo system.


What's Included

Included with your rental is complete use of our hall from 11am until 12midnight, use of the kitchen, ice, soft drinks and coffee. Our hall has no restrictions on food or catering. We also can provide linen table covers and napkins at a reduced rate.  Use of our outdoor pavilion is included with each rental as well.  If both halls are rented separately, then both sides must share the kitchen, lobby and pavilion.


How To Rent

Email us at for further details.   You MUST be an FOP Member or have an FOP Member sponsor your rental.  

Hall Rental Price

You can cancel your rental up to 60 days before your event with no penalty. Within 60 days, you forfeit your full rental fee.

Rental Options

Rental Rules


Upon Arrival & Leaving

  • When you arrive, the hall will be locked and all lights are off.  
  • The chairs will be stacked on top of the tables.  
  • You are responsible to turn off all lights, lock up, stack all chairs as you found them, and put the tables back how you found them.
  • Upon leaving, the kitchen’s exit door shall be closed/locked, refrigerator light turned off & door closed, and all ovens/burners turned off.


  • The use of confetti or glitter is strictly prohibited.  
  • You are also not allowed to use any tape, tack, nails, pins, or otherwise hang any decorations on the walls, molding, door frames, bar tops.  
  • In otherwords, DO NOT HANG DECORATIONS.  

Trash / Garbage

  • Each hall and the kitchen have multiple trash cans.  The cans will be lined with bags when you arrive and extra bags can be found in the kitchen.  
  • You are responsible that all trash gets inside the dumpster in the southeast corner of our lot.  
  • Trash left in the gray rolling cart, inside the building, or on the ground around the dumpster will result in excess charges.

Outdoor & Pavilion

  • The RENTER understands that the pavilion is included with your rental, however, the RENTER agrees that if used, the RENTER will be responsible for the use and cleaning of the pavilion.   The pavilion and FOP Property is monitored under 24 hour video surveillance.  
  • Any misuse of the pavilion and/or FOP Property will be billed accordingly.
  • No propane tanks and/or grills allowed in the building.

No Smoking

  • The RENTER understands the hall is non-smoking and shall NOT allow anyone to smoke in the banquet rooms, hallways, kitchen, walk-in cooler, bathrooms or vestibule. 
  • A violation of this rule will impose a $250 fine to the RENTER.

Rental Cancellation

  • The RENTER agrees that a cancellation must occur more than 30 days prior to the event or the RENTER forfeits the rental fee.  

Frequent Asked Questions

Before You Rent

  • What do I get for my money?  Your rental fee includes the use of our modern facility and the use of our soda dispenser. You have access to our commercial kitchen. The kitchen includes a number of kitchen appliances and a large icemaking machine. The walk-in cooler allows you to bring perishable food. Also, new to the Lodge is the use of our digital projection systems to watch Hi-Def television or display your DVD on our large drop-down screens.
  • What needs to be accomplished in order to secure a rental date?  ALL rentals are booked online. Visit our rental calendar page, and look for available dates.  Contact us by email with the date and if you are not an FOP Member, please provide the name of the FOP Member sponsoring your rental.  Effective July 1, 2018, all future rentals MUST be sponsored by an FOP Member.
  • How many tables & chairs are available? and in what sizes?  Each hall usually has 9-11 round tables (65″ diameter) set up with 8 chairs on top of each. There are usually 3 or 4 – 8 foot rectangular tables and 1 – 6 foot rectangular table available in each hall for food serving, etc. There are 7 extra round tables and 2 extra 8 foot tables in the storage room (located in the South Hall). There are also 84 extra chairs available for your use. These chairs are located in the from lobby storage room. There is a handcart made specifically to transport a stack of 8 chairs to and from the Coat Room. The chairs should be returned to the room after use.

Day of Rental

  • How many people can the banquet rooms accommodate?  The North Hall can hold appx. 90 people comfortably. This number leaves room for the DJ area (northeast corner of the room) and the dance floor. Without the DJ and dance floor, you can place 5 more tables into these areas and get 40 more people. The South Hall holds appx. 90 people comfortably. There is no dance floor or DJ area. Of course, if you need more seating area, you can place up to 10 seats per table instead of 8. This arrangement, however, makes for some very cramped seating.
  • When is the earliest time I can get inside and begin setting up?  The Rental Agreement states 11:00 a.m
  • When my rental date arrives, how do I get inside and begin setting up?  As stated above, within 3-5 days before your rental, the contact person will be notified of the proper cypher code. The code is for the second set of front vestibule doors. There is a cypher lock on the door. Press the numbers given in sequence and turn the dead bolt to the right. Pull the door open and use the door prop to keep the door open. If the code does not work, it likely needs to be re-set. Turn the dead bolt to the left to reset and then follow the sequence above.
  • When do I have to vacate the premise?  The Rental Agreement states 12:00 midnight, however, if there is a problem with disorderly subjects and the police are called, then your party will be asked to leave immediately.
  • What are my responsibilities when leaving?  There are several tasks that you are responsible for. They are outlined in your Rental Agreement you have signed. The two main tasks that must be completed are: (1) All trash to be hauled to the dumpster (located in the southern part of the parking lot) (use the rubbish hauler at the back door) and disposed of (2) All chairs placed back onto the 11 tables as THEY WERE RECEIVED. These two tasks are not much to ask for when several people are cleaning up, however, when one person from the lodge has to tackle this job alone, it becomes a huge burden and time consumer (thus, making it extremely hard to have the banquet room(s) ready for the next day’s rental(s)).

Bar & Beverages

  • Can I bring alcoholic beverages?  Yes. The North Hall bar has a keg cooler with tapper/dispenser, a holding bin for ice and a quadruple sink system. The South Bar has a double door cooler for holding a number of refreshments and perishables. There is also a holding bin for ice, keg dispenser built into the counter and a quadruple sink system. The walk-in cooler in the kitchen houses the North Hall’s keg and tapper. We do not provide nor serve alcoholic beverages on the premises, and that if you choose to serve alcoholic beverages while renting such banquet room(s), you are entirely responsible for the purpose of said alcohol and you expressly agrees to accept full responsibility and liability for guests consuming alcoholic beverages, and in addition will hold FOP 124 harmless against and from any liability, fines, suits, claims, demands, actions and costs and reasonable expenses of any kind or nature that arise out of the you serving alcoholic beverages on the premises. If an entrance fee is to be charged for an event and alcohol is to be supplied you are responsible to apply for a LCC Permit. For additional info contact Liquor Licensing Officer at 586-574-4799.
  • What type of sodas are available?  We have different sodas available from the dispensers at each bar. They are: Cranberry Juice, Cola, Diet Cola, Twin-Up (7-up), Lemonade, Quinine Tonic, Ginger Ale and Water.
  • Are there any pitchers?  The Lodge does not normally supply these items, however, we usually have several pitchers available that are left over from other events. These are located under the bar counters and can be used by you when needed, (please clean when finished).

Outside Questions

  • How many parking spots are available?  There are 103 parking spots available.
  • Do I have to rent the pavilion too?  We have a 60′ x 30′ covered pavilion area that can be used with your rental, however, the renter is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the pavilion. If both halls are separate rentals, then both halls have the share the pavilion.
  • Can I use inflatables such as bounce houses?  You may set up bounce houses outside only using the grass area behind the pavilion or on the east field.  The bounce house company must have liability insurance and no water inflatables are allowed.  Our approved vendor is Bounce N Slide - Click Here

Other General Questions

  • Do you have trash bags?  The Lodge’s rubbish containers are lined with plastic liners. Each container has an additional liner affixed to its side. If you need additional liners, they are located on the cleaning cart in the storage room located in the South Hall.
  • Do you supply table covers, silverware or paper products?  The lodge does not carry these items, but you may rent linens from us. To do so, visit our ONLINE STORE. NOTE: Be sure do bring table covers with you as the round tables have an unfinished wooden top.
  • Do you have a list of caterers, DJ’s, magician’s, bands, etc. that you recommend?  Our current list of recommendations can be found by clicking here.
  • What appliances are available in the kitchen?  There is a large commercial 10 burner stove supported by two large ovens. An exhaust fan over the stove/oven with emergency extinguisher. A large icemaker. 2 heavy-duty rolling carts for food transportation. 5 gallon buckets for ice transportation. A long stainless steel counter for food preparation. One large and 3 smaller stainless steel sinks. A commercial garbage disposal and large rubbish hauler located just outside the rear kitchen door. NOTE: A commercial coffee maker is available at each bar and supplied with coffee packets and filters. There is a coffee pot warmer at each bar also.
  • Is there a microphone available?  Yes. Each banquet room has it’s own microphone system.
  • Are the Banquet Rooms Non-Smoking?  Yes! The Banquet Rooms are Non-Smoking. Smoking inside the building, including kitchen or restrooms will result in fines for the renter.

Linens & LED Sign Message

  • How do I reserve my custom message on your LED Sign?  There is a $10 charge for the LED Sign. To reserve your message, visit our ONLINE STORE.
  • How do I rent linens?  Visit our ONLINE STORE to reserve your linens.  Be sure to include the rental date.  The linens will be on the bar when you arrive.  At the end of your rental, simply put the linens in a dirty linen bag, and leave in the hall.  

Contact Us

We are operated by volunteer members of our Lodge.  We will respond to you as soon as possible.  If you have already booked the hall, please include your rental date.

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 124

11304 E 14 Mile Rd, Warren, Michigan 48093, United States


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